The Green Jersey Bike Shop

Green Jersey Bike Shop

Bowland Bikes Lockdown has been tough for many local businesses, especially for those in the hospitality industry that have been under pressure to cease trading due to national Covid-19 restrictions. However, this isn’t the case for The Green Jersey bike shop who only closed their doors for a total of 2 weeks in the shadow … Read more

You Should Be Branding Your Paper Cups

Corporate Sponsor Cup

You Should Be Branding Your Paper Cups… Here’s Why! When you buy a product from a high-street shop they usually give you a branded bag to carry it in, so that when you walk down the high-street with a big grin on your face after buying that pair of shoes you’ve been saving for, you … Read more

Printed Cup Company Cuts Costs For Customers


Printed Cup Company Cuts Costs for Customers Before Covid-19 tightened its grip on the world, the UK had a thriving coffee shop culture, with around 26,000 coffee shops across the country. The hospitality industry has been one of the hardest-hit sectors of COVID-19, with many restaurants and cafes being forced to close their doors for the … Read more

Printed Cup Company Survives Lock-Down Supplying The Medical Industry

DispozABLE Spacer Paper Cup

The history of the paper cup that we all know too well has roots dating back to the early 1900’s as a sanitary, single use alternative to reduce the spread of infection. Fast forward to the current day during a global pandemic and yet again we see the paper cup making a stand within the … Read more

‘New Normal’ provides ‘New Opportunities’ for Branding

Covid-19 has taken the world by surprise and caused a level of uncertainty for individuals as well as businesses all over the world. Strict lockdown measures were enforced in order to contain the spread of the virus, causing most businesses and transportation services to shut down and cease operating until control of the virus was … Read more

5 Best Practices As We Emerge From A Pandemic

Pandemic Best Practices - Avoid Contact

The Coronavirus pandemic has been an extraordinary and confusing occurrence causing stress, sadness and uncertainty for everyone involved, from individuals to multinational corporations. However, six months on from the first outbreak in China and after a gallant effort by the human population, we are finally witnessing a decrease in the infection rate as the curve … Read more