Printed Cup Company doubles capacity with the addition of a new machine

Printed Cup Company is proud to be the fastest manufacturer of printed paper cups in the UK with speedy lead times as fast as 24 hours. Customer service, quality products and a quick response to our customers needs are of up most importance to us and we are always striving to go above and beyond for our customers. That is why we are proud to announce that we have recently acquired a new screen printing machine that enables us to double our production capacity and decrease lead times of screen printed products within the Printed Cup Company.


During peak times where demand is at its highest, the Printed Cup Company finds that production capability is almost at capacity leaving little room for last minute jobs that require a speedy turnaround. The new screen printer, known as the IDF Conical Printer enables us to produce double the amount of screen printed products than our previous capacity or if our customers require, extremely fast lead times. We have specifically designed this machine to enable us to set up and changeover designs in a much shorter space of time giving us a decrease in production time with increased flexibility and a greater capacity to meet and exceed our customers needs.

What is screen printing?

Screen printing is used to transfer an image or logo from a stencil onto the surface you want to print on, in this case, paper or plastic cups. The stencil is made in the form of a ‘screen’ that is then covered in ink. The cup is then placed on a specialised roller that moves the cup evenly across the screen in a rolling motion, causing the brand, logo or design from the stencil to be printed on the cup in the chosen colour of ink. The ink then needs to dry for 24 hours and voila! It’s as simple as that! One of the main benefits of this printing method is that the screen can be used over and over again making re-prints a simple and cost effective process.

Which products go to screen print?

Clear Plastic Cups

Our clear plastic cups come in four different sizes (9oz, 12oz, 16oz and 20oz) so you have the perfect size for every occasion. They are extremely popular for cold drinks such as smoothies, slushies and fizzy drinks as well as making great food containers for yoghurts, nuts and fruit salads. They are compatible with a range of lids from straw slot lids to dome lids meaning you have a cup and lid combination for every requirement. What's even better is that they are 100% recyclable! Branded plastic cups – putting your brand in the hands of your customers!


Soup & Food Containers

Branded food containers are a great way to provide your customers with a takeaway food option while sharing your brand with the world as they enjoy it. We have food containers available in two different sizes, 12oz and 16oz with the option of a plastic lid in order to prevent spillages.

Ice Cream Paper Cups

Printed Ice Cream Cups are available in six different sizes from 4oz sample cups to 16oz large cups for those extra scoops! Designed specially for cold contents with double film protection on both the inside and the outside to protect the cup from condensation, enabling the cup to stay in shape for longer.

Ice Cream Cups

If you are looking for a supplier of branded takeaway supplies where fast lead times and high quality are of up most importance to you, then drop us an email at: and one of our account managers will be happy to assist you. We are proud to be a British manufacturer, we are proud to offer the fastest lead times in the UK and we are excited to be able to offer this bespoke service to our customers.

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