Printed Cup Company Cuts Costs For Customers

Printed Cup Company Cuts Costs for Customers

Before Covid-19 tightened its grip on the world, the UK had a thriving coffee shop culture, with around 26,000 coffee shops across the country. The hospitality industry has been one of the hardest-hit sectors of COVID-19, with many restaurants and cafes being forced to close their doors for the duration of lockdown. Although takeaway opportunities provided a glimmer of hope for any food serving establishment during these times, many venues have struggled to sustain themselves on takeaways alone without the usual high street footfall coming through the door.


Hope is on the horizon as all non-essential retail and high street venues re-opened their doors on April 12th, welcoming the public back to some form of familiarity. However, the return of indoor hospitality on May 17th is the last piece of the puzzle with regards to high street normality and we, the Printed Cup Company are here to help our valued customers get back on their feet after a year of financial uncertainty.

High Street

We have been working hard to provide a cost saving solution for our customers for both the sale our bespoke products through and the sale of our off the shelf stock products, available through We understand that it can be hard for businesses to get back on their feet after a period of financial stagnation and we want to help our customers bounce back in full force! That’s why we have introduced The Collaboration Cup through Printed Cup Company and SplitPay through Paper Cup Company to help our customers spread the cost of purchasing stock for reopening.

Collaboration Branding

The Collaboration Cup

We all know that a printed paper cup isn’t just a paper cup, it is a 3D marketing tool that allows you to present your message directly in the hands of every paying customer that walks through the door. This makes it premium advertising real estate! So why not share the advertising space with a third party and split the overall cost of the cup itself? This way, you (the person ordering the cups) get a premium paper cup for half the price without compromising for a cheaper alternative. Both parties involved receive advertising space on the same cup and both parties split the cost of the cup itself.

We have coined this method of ordering shared bespoke paper cups “The Collaboration Cup”. It is a cost effective way of advertising and promoting your own brand while simultaneously sharing the cost of printing the cup too. It’s a win-win for everyone involved and a great way for local businesses to help and support each other in the wake of Covid-19. Find out more HERE!


Why pay for everything all at once when you can split the cost of your purchase over three monthly instalments? That’s what we thought! Which is why we have introduced SplitPay to our e-commerce site upon checkout – - to allow you to get what you need now and spread the cost of purchasing over three months. SplitPay works in the same way as any other high street ‘buy now, pay later’ option such as PayPal Credit, Klarna, ClearPay, Laybuy and many more. It’s a simple sign up process comprising of a few personal details with instant approval right there and then and there is zero interest on all purchases, provided repayments are made on time each month.

When money is tight we understand it can be daunting to purchase stock for your business all in one go, so we aim is to eliminate this worry by providing a way to spread the cost without having to compromise on quantities. Click HERE to find out more!