We have won The Manufacturer Top 100!

Printed Cup Company’s founder Mark Woodward has been recognised as one of the Top 100 role models for manufacturing in the UK.

Since founding the business in 2005, Mark has developed Printed Cup Company into the fastest manufacturer of bespoke printed cups in the UK. Under Mark’s direction the company has enjoyed exponential growth, quadrupling in size since 2005 and culminating in a 2015 turnover of £2.5m. With a reputation for his dynamic business approach and dedication to corporate social responsibility, Mark is known for his visionary commitment and passion in investing in people whilst fostering a sense of community in the workplace.

Mark Woodward commented that “It was a great honour to receive this award, especially considering we have only been manufacturing in Lancashire for only 5 years. We strive to think outside the box and aim to be different and we believe winning this award has added value to the extraordinary journey we are on.”

The Manufacturer Top 100 provides a platform for the recognition of exceptional individuals in UK manufacturing. Individuals were nominated by readers of The Manufacturer, the wider industrial community and the public, for their contributions in changing the face of industry; finding new markets; making marked investment in people, processes and customers; those who shy away from the limelight, but make it their professional responsibility to enable the progress of others up and down the business hierarchy; as well as those young, bright sparks that are making an impact disproportionate to their years.

Max Roberts, vice president and UK leader of manufacturing & automotive, salesforce, and TM Top 100 judge 2016, commented: “The individuals showcased in The Manufacturer Top 100 are changing the face of British manufacturing and redefining the industrial landscape as we know it. Their innovation is pioneering new ways of engagement, and together with these visionaries, we can provide the tools required to write our future.


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Daniel Munn