We have had many questions from prospects and customers about Compostable and Biodegradable cups. We feel this article from FPA will throw some light on the environmental aspects of paper cups.

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The Green Alliance yesterday published a report called 'Plastic Promises - what the grocery sector is really doing about packaging', which has received widespread media attention as it highlights why switching to alternative materials from plastics is not always the best decision.

Read the report here on our website, media coverage from Roger Harrabin at the BBC here.

The FPA has responded with a statement and has invited the author of the report, Libby Peake (who you may remember spoke at our 2018 Seminar), to join us on 22 January.


The FPA welcomes this well-balanced report from the Green Alliance into the impacts of the alternatives to plastic packaging used by the grocery sector.

The FPA has campaigned for a number of years for all claims being made for packaging to be backed up by certification and third-party evidence to prove they do what they claim to do.

Not using the term ‘biodegradable' in connection with packaging is an important example, with much packaging claiming to be biodegradable without details of how, where and how long it takes to biodegrade.  As the report states, it’s no wonder the public is confused.

That said, the FPA believes that there is a role for compostable packaging, provided facilities are available, are clearly recognised and retailers and brands provide information on how to dispose of such items.

Closed environments are clearly appropriate for compostables, such as stadia, music and events venues, universities, hospitals, institutions or any catered location where the packaging does not leave the premises.

Simply using compostable packaging and believing you have done your bit as a retailer or caterer is not acceptable and too many compostables are given to customers without telling them what to do with them once used.

Read full statement here.

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