Can your cups be Recycled?

In the news and on social media there has been issues circulating around recycling of paper cups. As a company, we are committed to creating a plan for advising the take away coffee industry, providing correct recycling instructions and the organising of the correct disposal of paper cups. We want to make you more aware of the recycling channels and what can be done about it to reduce paper cups ending up in landfill.

So what is your paper cup made from?

PE Coating – The waxy lining of the paper cup is a polythylene resin which keeps the paper from absorbing the moisture

Paper Cup – Paper boards is made from various materials such as wood chips and plants and are mashed into pulp which becomes paper

Paper Sleeve – A second sleeve of paper is glued round the single wall cup for extra heat protection

The PE lining of the paper cup must be separated from the cups in order from them to be recycled properly.

How can you support the environment?

We have been working with The Green Earth Appeal since 2011 to plant a tree in Haiti for every 1000 cups sold, making them carbon neutral.

For just 99p per 1000 cups, The Green Earth Appeal will plant a tree to replace the paper used in the manufacturing process. The benefits of planting trees in Haiti are twofold; through the absorption of the carbon associated with the production and transportation of the printed cups and the support given to some of the poorest communities. They are given significant work opportunities to slow spreading disease and lack of food after suffering from the devastating earthquake in 2010. Along with using The Green Earth logo on your cups, you will also receive a certificate showing how many trees you have planted.

Daniel Munn