Simply Cups is the ONLY solution!

As part of our commitment to the environment, we are continuing our support and membership with Simply Cups.

The scheme provides a cost-efficient collection and recycling service to help paper cup manufacturers and organisations operating within the supply chain reduce their operating costs and improve their environmental credentials.

This scheme is a great fit for companies which are looking to improve their recycling rates, transparency in waste management and environmental credentials, contributing towards the achievement of sustainability goals such as zero waste to landfill.

We believe Simply Cups recycling scheme is the solution, providing customers with bags, assistance in the purchase of bins, PR and communication tools and a frequent collection service.

After collection, the cups are transformed into a variety of products which are also recyclable. These products can be purchased on the online shop, please visit

Mark Woodward, Founder of Printed Cup Company said “As part of our commitment to the environment, we are now the member of the Simply Cups recycling scheme. We fully supports this pioneering solution to a highly spoken about issue within the coffee and catering market.”

Daniel Munn