Valentines Day

Valentines Day is a day in which loved ones from all over the world display their affection for each other through grand gestures and romantic treats, many of which will be spending money on drinks, chocolate and some form of food. For retailers and business owners, it's a date in the calendar not to be overlooked and can provide a valuable opportunity for some clever branding tweaks.

Valentines Day Stats

It is estimated that 32 million Brits (61%) will be spending an average of £35 each on their loved ones working out at £1.45 billion collectively for 2020! That is a huge amount of financial worth for a single day in the holiday calendar!

What's more, a large percentage of this financial worth will be spent on food, whether it's a nice relaxing takeaway at home or an excuse to get suited and booted and hit the town for a fancy meal out. Given that the UK is enduring national lockdown restrictions due to Covid-19 this year, it is safe to safe to say the vast majority of food consumed will be takeaway's. However, despite the state of the countries restricted high street, the figures for 2020 imply that the food and drink market for Valentines Day 2020 is set to grow by 0.7%.

Valentines Day Seasonal Branding 

I know a lot of people will be thinking "What's the point, it's only one day" but as with any national holiday in the calendar, there is a build up of hype around these days for weeks before the actual day itself. Easter, Christmas, New Year - all have weeks of hype before the big day and valentines day is no different.

Valentines Seasonal Branding

Coca Cola are a great example of making slight changes to their product packaging in order to join in the fun around Valentines Day. It doesn't necessarily have to be a huge alteration, just enough to make your customers recognise the effort and differentiate your brand from your competitors.

Why You Should Be Getting Involved


As a company that prides itself on bespoke printed paper cups, we are witnessing a growing demand for paper cups in the theme of national holidays, especially Valentines Day takeaway cups. Our customers are recognising the importance of seasonal branding and using national holidays such as these as an excuse to do something different, stand out from the crowd and spread the word about their brand! It's a great strategy and one which more and more companies are beginning to realise the value of.

Valentines Seasonal Branding

Given that takeaway food and drink is our only option for a tasty treat this Valentines Day, it is worth cashing in on this love struck holiday and making the most of it where you can!

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