Design Templates

Want to create your own artwork? Our artwork templates below will help you design your artwork with the correct measurements.

Click on the template button below to request templates for various products and the design spec button will provide more information on artwork format.

If you need any further help or advice with design, please email our friendly design team on

Double Wall Cup Templates

8oz Double Wall Cup Template

12oz Double Wall Cup Template

16oz Double Wall Cup Template

Single Wall Cup Templates

4oz Single Wall Cup Template

8oz Single Wall Cup Template

12oz Single Wall Cup Template

16oz Single Wall Cup Template

Printed Sleeves Cup Templates

8-10oz Printed Sleeves Cup Template

12-16oz Printed Sleeves Cup Template

Printed Plastic Cup Templates

9oz Printed Plastic Cup Template

12oz Printed Plastic Cup Template

16oz Printed Plastic Cup Template

20oz Printed Plastic Cup Template

Printed Ice Cream Cup Templates

4oz Printed Ice Cream Cup Template

6oz Printed Ice Cream Cup Template

8oz Printed Ice Cream Cup Template

12oz Printed Ice Cream Cup Template

16oz Printed Ice Cream Cup Template

Printed Soup Containers Templates

12oz Printed Soup Container Template

16oz Printed Soup Container Template

Printed Food Containers Templates

12oz Printed Food Container Template

16oz Printed Food Container Template

Printed Greaseproof Paper Template

Greaseproof Paper Template