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The coffee industry in the UK is proving to be thriving and profitable. The Allegra World-Coffee Portal has recently published Project Café 2018 UK report, which shows 5.3% growth within the coffee shop market, with over 24,000 coffee shops now operating in the UK.

With the recent publicity about paper cup disposal in the UK, we can offer a solution to customers who care about the environment as much as we do, with 100% recyclable cups available now. Our paper cups are made from using high-quality fibres to make it not only sustainable but also 100% recyclable. Our material is FSC certified which ensures every tree used to create our paper, 3-4 are planted in their place. FSC are a non-profit organisation who are dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide.

We saw a demand in the market for a 100% recyclable paper cups and we can provide a product which is engineered to be recyclable in paper recycling systems. Companies like James Cropper, DS Smith and Ace UK have developed the technology to recycle single-use paper cups. We encourage businesses to collaborate with these companies as it will lead to a successful outcome for both industry and the environment.

Our paper cups makes it so easy for the consumer to recycle in council facilities, with over 80% of councils offering Bring Bank collections and over 20% offering Kerbside collections. Click here to visit ACE UK to find out where paper cups can be recycled in your area.