Dates to look forward to!

World Wildlife Day - 3rd March

The theme for this year’s World Wildlife Day is "Sustaining all life on Earth" which encompasses some of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. It's about embracing and appreciating all of the Earth’s plant and animal species and ensuring that the human population is doing everything it can to encourage sustainability and conserving life, both above and below water.

It is important that as a species we are doing everything we can to help prevent disaster and World Wildlife Day is about recognising this and making the necessary changes. That's why Printed Cup Company’s products are all 100% recyclable with paper sourced from FSC approved suppliers. Watch this space for new product launches and check out our PLA based Green Eco Cup!

St. Partick's Day! - 17th March

Do you know how the tradition of drinking on St Patricks Day came about? Originally, the day commemorates the day St Patrick arrived in Ireland, bringing with him the religion of Christianity. Celebrations generally involve parades, festivals and the wearing of green. However, the Lenten restrictions on consuming food and alcohol were revoked for this day only, hence the tradition of drinking alcohol on St Patrick’s Day!

If you are planning on celebrating this ancient tradition you will need something to drink from right? Check out our range of PET plastic cups and say Salute! Prost! Salud! Kippis or as we say in England… Cheers!

World Wildlife Day
St Patricks Day

National Composting Week - 16th - 22nd March

National Compost Week is all about celebrating the luscious, nutrient rich soil that provides the basis for sustained and healthy life on earth. It’s important to look at any situation from the ground up, which is exactly what this week is all about. Keep an eye out on our blog page where we will be discussing the concept of biodegradable and compostable products and what this actually means for us as consumers.

Global Recycling Day - 18th March

Every year we throw away millions of tons of waste material which is not only produced from some sort of natural resource, but also has to be disposed of in some way which predominantly pollutes the nature around us. This is why world recycling day is about looking at what we throw away and turning it around to create opportunity! Recycling is a key part of the circular economy which is why it is recognised as one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and Printed Cup Company is proud to say that all of its products are 100% recyclable! Click here to take a look at what we offer!

National Composting Week
Global Recycling Day