Although Easter traditionally celebrates the Christian belief of the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion, Easter has become a themed holiday in the same way Christmas has. Families use this as an excuse to bring people together, over indulge in chocolate and entertain the children with an Easter Egg hunt. Because let's face it, what is Easter without an Egg hunt?

Easter Stats

Easter is a holiday that is widely celebrated in the UK with approximately £299 million being spent on Chocolate each and every year! As such, Easter alone makes up 10% of the annual total chocolate sales in the UK. But it's not only chocolate that encourages customers to dip into their wallets and spend some cash around this time of year. In fact, a report from 2018 predicts that Good Friday could become the 'Black Friday' of spring as retailers on the high street implement heavy sales discounts to encourage a surge in spending. As such, sales figures on the high street for Good Friday alone reached £1.2 billion which is something to be aware of for coming years! Not to mention the fact that Good Friday and Easter Monday are national holidays throughout the UK which encourages people to leave their house and venture out into the world, browsing retail parks, shopping centres and coffee shops.

Easter Seasonal Branding 

Deliveroo Easter

Easter is a tricky event to try and become a part of, especially if your niche has very little in common with Easter traditions such as egg's and chocolate. In light of this, it takes a little bit of creativity to muzzle your way in on the action. One of the most creative examples of a company getting involved with a seasonal Easter campaign is Deliveroo - usually associated with delivering food from other companies rather than supplying their own. However, they created some Game of Thrones style dragon Easter eggs available to purchase through their app in selected cities throughout the UK. They timed it perfectly with the release of the final season of Game of Thrones which resulted in increased takeaway sales through the app!

Why You Should Be Getting Involved


Just like Christmas, customers are tempted into shops by Easter decorations, Easter games and of course, chocolate! Cafe's and restaurants are placing more effort on introducing an Easter theme, putting up decorations and branding takeaway packaging with Easter themed designs. Bakeries and bespoke patisseries capitalise on the wave of customers looking to over-indulge by providing cakes, cookies and trays of sweet treats, all themed and geared around the promotion of Easter, making it one of the most profitable dates in the confectionary calendar.


Recommended Products


Printed Greaseproof Paper - Everyone relates Easter to the over-indulgence of chocolate, cakes and sweet treats which of coarse means takeaway treats! Greaseproof paper is perfect for wrapping cakes, cookies, chocolate, pastries and any sweet treats that might be bought as a cheeky treat for later!

Double Wall Paper CupsEaster falls in April, a time when spring is in full swing but there is still a nip in the air. This means it's the perfect excuse for a hot chocolate with marshmallows, tasty chai latte's and of coarse a Mocha, because if there is any excuse to put chocolate in your coffee, it's Easter! Put a smile on your customers face with some Easter themed printed paper cups for those liquid takeaway treats!

4oz Espresso Paper CupsEspresso paper cups are perfect for sampling events. If there is ever a time to promote samples of your delicious creations, Easter is the time to do it! Why not go the extra mile and brand your cups with an Easter themed design to really give your customers the best and most memorable experience possible.

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