Christmas is the biggest national holiday in the UK calendar with 97% of Brtis looking to join in the festivities and celebrate Christmas. It's a time of year that brings people together to celebrate love and relish the gift of giving and of coarse over-indulge in everything that is naughty because... well... It's Christmas!

Christmas Spending Stats

It is thought that the British people spent £24.2 billion in total on Christmas presents in 2020 which works out at approximately £476 per person! Not only that, a report from the Bank of England states that the average spending per household in the month of December increases by £740 in comparison to other months in the year. These are huge figures, especially seeing as 2020 was witness to a major pandemic causing a Christmas unlike any other we have ever seen.

What's even more interesting is that in spite of the pandemic, food and beverage sales from supermarkets and grocers increased nationally by 8.1% and takeaway sales witnessed an increase in volume from the start of the first lockdown in March 2020. Deliveroo and Just-Eat are two major players in the UK takeaway market with Just Eat accounting for 100 million orders every year in the UK and the total worth of the takeaway market coming in at a whopping £8.5 billion in 2019.

Christmas Seasonal Branding

Christmas 2020 was a little bit different this year with 49% of British people saying that they would be ordering takeaway food on Christmas Day. Food Hub, a well renowned takeaway service, recognised an opportunity here and launched some special Christmas pizza box's this year that played a Christmas jingle when opened, in an attempt to encourage peoples Christmas spirit. Food Hub spokesperson Wil Chung states that they have seen an increase in takeaway orders this year in light of the pandemic.

This is a fantastic example of how a small change to the companies pizza box's to fit within the theme of Christmas will have customers talking about the brand all year. As Christmas comes around next year, there will be talk amongst loyal customers of the legendary music playing pizza box's of the past with excitement for what this years pizza box's will hold, leading to a flurry of Christmas sales.

Why You Should Be Getting Involved

Christmas is a time of year that provides a golden opportunity to take advantage of a seasonal increase in consumer spending. Customised packaging and bespoke Christmas designs are a way to help your brand stand out in a sea of fierce competition as well as a creative opportunity to encourage customer interaction.

Coffee 212 Christmas Cup

The Printed Cup Company witnessed an increase in the number of people purchasing Christmas themed takeaway packaging this year, with one of our best selling lines being Christmas greaseproof paper. Christmas double wall paper cups were also popular with many of our long standing customers looking to edit our pre-existing Christmas designs with their own branding and logo.

If there's one time of year you should be investing in customised packaging and increasing brand awareness as a café, restaurant or takeaway service, it's Christmas!

Recommended Products


Printed Greaseproof Paper - Christmas is a time of year where the gift of giving is a primary focus. Cafe's, restaurants and takeaway's may offer free samples of chocolate, sweets and other treats to entice people to act upon their indulgencies. Some printed greaseproof paper to serve these delicious treats in is becoming more and more popular as companies realise the importance of branding and going that extra mile to put a smile on your customers face.

Double Wall Paper Cups - Christmas is a time for Hot Chocolates, Caramel Latte's and Mulled Wine! What better way to put a smile on your customers face than by serving your delicious drinks in a bespoke, Christmas themed paper cup!

Printed Stickers These are a great addition alongside greaseproof paper to seal the delicious treat you are serving in a greaseproof paper style Christmas present. These stickers can be printed to match the greaseproof paper or something completely different to add a bit of variation! Very popular around Christmas time!

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Order Off The Shelf

We have a range of pre-made Christmas theme cups ready to order off the shelf. This means you don't pay any origination charges and the lead time for your cups is significantly reduced!

Design Your Own

If you would like to design and print your own Christmas theme cups or would like to edit one of our pre-existing designs and add your own logo, contact us for a quote!